The Doors

History of The Doors was started in July 1965, when college students cinematic UCLA, Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek met at the beach, being slightly acquainted before. Morrison told Manzareku that writes poems, and offered to set up a group. After Morrison sang his song Moonlight Drive, Manzarek agreed with his proposal.

By this time, Manzarek has already played in the group of Rick and The Ravens with his brother Rick. For a unique style of singing Ray received the nickname Screamin 'Ray Daniels - most likely, by analogy with the famous singer Screamin' Jay Hawkins'om. In August, joined by musicians John Densmor, playing in the group The Psychedelic Ranger, along with guitarist Robby Krieger. Densmor Krieger and Ray Manzarekom learned the lessons of yoga and meditation.

2 September, 1965 Morrison, Manzarek and Densmor together with musicians from Rick and The Ravens and bass gitaristkoy Patty Sullivan, the first recorded studio versions of songs for future The Doors. Later, these records - Moonlight Drive, My Eyes Have Seen You, Hello, I Love You, Go Insane (early name of song A Little Game of the Celebration of the Lizard), End of the Night and Summer's Almost Gone - has been published as a bootleg. In 1997 they came within the «box» a collection of songs The Doors.

In the same month, The Doors were invited to the group, and Robby Krieger. Quartet Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, John Densmor and Robby Krieger was the classical composition of The Doors. It is these musicians have recorded the best-known albums in the group between 1967 and 1971.

Group name musicians borrowed from the English writer Aldous Huxley. In his essay «The doors of perception» (eng. The Doors of Perception) (1954), the writer took the epigraph lines from the poem «Marriage of Paradise and Hell» XVIII century English poet William Blake: «If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man as it is: infinite ». In Russian translation by Maxim Nemtsova (1991), this phrase sounds like «If the doors of perception were clean, all brought to man as it is - infinite».

The Doors looked unusual among the other rock groups because they did not use the bass guitar at concerts. Instead, Manzarek played bass on the left hand just appeared bass synthesizer Fender Rhodes. Right hand, he played keyboards for another installment synthesizer. However, the group from time to time invited session bass player at the time of recording in the studio.

Most of the songs The Doors usually attributed only to Morrison and Krieger. In fact, many of the works of the group - the fruit of a joint creative musicians. They worked together over the rhythmic and harmonic arrangements, while Morrison and Krieger to provide the text and the original melody. Sometimes a fragment of the song was not created by its original author - for example, solo Manzareka elektroorgane at the beginning of the song Light My Fire.

Express Group is well taken audiences throughout her career, although in 1968, after singles Hello, I Love You had a local scandal. Rock-media indicated similarities in musical terms of the song and hit the 1965 All Day and All of the Night group The Kinks. Musicians of The Kinks completely agreed with the critics. We know that The Kinks guitarist Dave Davies made a paste from Hello, I Love You during a concert performance of All Day and All of the Night - as a poor comment on this about .

By 1966, the group was for the club The London Fog, and soon moved to the prestigious club Whisky a Go Go. August 10, 1966 with the group contacted the company Elektra Records in the person of its president Jackie Holzmann. It happened at the urging of Arthur Lee, vocalist group Love, which was recorded at Elektra Rec. Holzmann and producer Electra Rec. Paul A. Rothschild visited two groups of speakers in Whiscky a Go Go. The first concert was seen by them uneven, and the second is just mesmerized. Since then, August 18, the musicians The Doors had signed a contract with the company - that was the beginning of a long successful collaboration with Bruce Rothschild and sound workers.